Our Offer

What is our offer?

Leeds is aspiring to be the Best City and the Best Council. In order to achieve this we need the right people with the right skills in the right places. Apprenticeships form part of the Council's overall approach to recruit and retain a skilled and diverse workforce. Recruiting apprentices that have the right values and behaviours will ensure that we have the right talent for the future.

We want your apprenticeship to be well-structured and a positive experience. This is important for both you and the Council. It can help develop your work related skills and secure the Council a committed and skilled workforce for the future.

As an apprentice you will:

      • Earn a wage - Minimum £8.75 per hour from January 2017
      • Spend time with experienced staff - with buddy and mentor support
      • Study towards a job related qualification - an approved Framework or Standard
      • Develop professional skills - both on and off the job
      • Receive paid holiday and benefits as other employees
      • If working part time your apprenticeship will be extended in line with this
      • Access the wide range of opportunities available in the Council
      • Build confidence in a working environment

Are you looking for employment with real career development opportunities?

With an apprenticeship at Leeds, you get straight into the world of work with Leeds' biggest employer and earn whilst you train. In such a diverse organisation there are many different development pathways to follow so find one to suit you. If you want to make a positive impact with the communities of Leeds and work as a team to make Leeds the Best City - then our programme is for you.

What else we can offer

Besides great pay we can also offer a range of additional support including coaching and mentoring from colleagues, joint induction and access to an Ambassador and an Early Careers Network to help you talk with others about your experiences and help you discuss the next steps on your development pathway.