Development Timeline


Getting started

You will have the opportunity to get to know other apprentices within the organisation, and access a network of other employees who are at the start of their careers. You will also meet with senior people within the Council, find out more about the different Directorates and ensure that you are job ready. You will be able to contact the apprentice ambassadors and have access to a buddy and/or mentor.


Developing confidence

This will be your opportunity to work with your line manager to find out the expectations and discuss objectives for your role. You will meet your training provider and find out how they will support you in your training. You will also learn about the service and get stuck into making a difference.


Organisational awareness

During this time you will have regular reviews about how you are doing within your apprenticeship and explore what you need next to help you develop further skills and gain different experiences within the council.


Maximising potential

You will have a much better understanding of working for Leeds City Council. You will have undertaken a number of reviews around your development and you should be starting to think about where you would like to work in the future. You should start to consider seeking advice about work opportunities in the Council while ensuring you finalise all tasks needed to complete your apprenticeship. It is important to note that not all apprenticeships end at 12 months, please check your terms and conditions when you start.