Apprentice levy transfer process

In April 2018 the government made it possible for all Levy paying employers to transfer some of the Levy annual funds to other employers and organisations, within the supply chain, across industry and with city and regional partners.

If your organisation works within the Leeds City Region and feel it can support the vision and priorities of Leeds City Council in terms of skills and development with the city, and would like to access apprenticeship funding in order to train and develop then please complete an expression of interest and return to:

Please view the following documents in relation to registering your interest for funding:

  1. Transfer Process (PDF 242KB) - this lays out the process an organisation must undertake to express an interest in funding from the Council
  2. Criteria (PDF 278KB) – this sets out the Council’s vision and priorities in respect of skills within the City – Organisations are asked to complete the expression of interest form with these in mind.
  3. Expression of Interest form (Word 819KB) – this must be completed by any organisation who wishes to secure apprenticeship funding.

Transfers can only be made to organisations who are signed up to the apprenticeship service. The funds can only be used to pay for training and assessment for apprenticeship standards, and may only be used for new Apprenticeship starts.

The transfer window is currently open.